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Taco Tuesday Deal of the day!
Mud Pie

Taco Tuesday Deal of the day!

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Taco Tuesday Bundle

Includes all of the following:

 Taco party serving Tray

We are such a softie for this Taco Party Serving Set. The three-piece set comes with a fluted ceramic taco party tray. The tray features two integral salsa and Guac bowls, dimensional taco shell grooves, and well to hold soft tortillas. The party platter also comes with two stamped silver-plate spoons. The platter features sentiments like "Such a softie", "It's crunch time", "Love you salsa-ways", and "Guac rocks".

Dimensions: tray 9" x 20" | spoon 3 1/2"


2 Margarita glasses

Dimension: 14.5"

Material: Glass

Ghost Pepper Salsa

 From the moment you open this jar you'll know this salsa is not for the timid. Fired up with a tasty combination of hot and spicy peppers, big ripe tomatoes, onions, spices and more, there is no doubt, this salsa may be the hottest salsa you have ever tried. It delivers a deliciously smoky and powerful hit of heat. Try it in your favorite Tex-Mex recipes or serve it with chips--it'll definitely be noticed! Ice water not included.



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