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Wyndon Thomas Cantre

Wyndon Thomas Cantre was born in the fall of 1994 right in Whittier, California. The first form of expression taught to him by his Filipino parents was to draw even before speaking. To convey his wants and needs to his family, he would grab a piece of paper and pencil and show his parents what he was trying to say. This began the story of how he learned he was special.

At the age of seven, that was when Cantre began to show interest in painting. His inspiration originated from animals and nature until it morphed into a window to another dimension. A world full of fiction and fantasy was made up of things you see every day, but with a twist of mythical creatures. By the time he turned seven, he took interest in painting. Growing up, his inspiration began with animals and nature. From the beginning, he was engrossed with lore and mythology from all around the world, therefore being brought to life with his imagination in his works.

As a teenager, he took the opportunity to draw any chance he got, even during tutoring sessions. In school, Cantre only ever took an interest in mainly art and a bit of Biology. He only ever took interest in History when it included illustration samples or literal props portraying the past- the attires, buildings, nature sceneries, and cultures from different periods. This goes back to his interest in cultural mythology and fantasy, and history allowed him to take a deeper dive into those genres. During one of Cantre's early years in Riverside City College, he took Beginning Painting and Sketching as two of my subjects for Visual Illustration and Communication.

Every time before the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, he painted originals according to the season on cards. Almost every year, these cards were then handed out to cousins, aunts, and uncles, or even friends of the family. However, once the pandemic hit he faced an obstacle because he was no longer able to share his passion for art with others through cards. Aside from abstract paintings and mythical creatures, he would paint creatures of his own by combining or fusing certain features of an animal and place them on other creatures. For example, the colorful patterns of the underwater mantis shrimp being painted on a butterfly with several unique alterations on the wings.
Since he loved painting so much, he wanted to follow the footsteps of his maternal grandfather and great grandfather while embracing his autism.