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Torey Diegel-Ransom




C: Describe the technical style of your work.

T: Abstract Expressionism and Geometric Abstraction. 

In regard to the Abstract Expressionist pieces, every movement signifies the collection of my life experiences and history in its entirety taking shape in the formation of paint.

As with Geometric Abstraction pieces, I enjoy the simplicity. I picture the geometric formations within an infinite space.

In this space, the physical formations are completely free, yet abide to a natural order. To me it resonates with my ideas about the physical manifestation of energy. The balance between my two styles offer the various philosophical ponderings that I entertain, a sense of cohesion. My geometrical abstractions are inanimate when physical.  Although the surfaces can warp, still something about them is fixed. Forms of life bend, but remain connected, intact. Maybe it’s their possibility, or potential, maybe it’s that they can only be what they are because that’s what I know them to be.

C:  What is the background story of your creative inspiration?

 T: The process I take while painting is an expression of emotion through intuition and movement. I do not plan a piece before I start it, for me painting is an action that helps me feel and express the complex contents of my mind through mixtures of color and shape. I am fascinated with works of art that blend chance and technique to produce something created by the mind and the natural flow of life.

C:  What message do you share through your pieces?

T: Connection. mystery, comfort, and fascination, in a depiction of fluid relation as an expression of mind, matter, possibility and fantasy.

C: Where did you grow up and what parts of your conditioning attributed to your artistic expression?

T: Rancho Cucamonga, CA. My personally traumatic path is key into understanding my artistic expression and the great awakening into an unbelievably forced pursuit-- a reality of personal growth.   Conditioned in a dual dichotomy of economic hardships v. privileged behavioral expectation a deep mistrust was seeded in the mist of hypocrisy. Into the high standard and imposed set of behaviors and beliefs that contradicted the few things in my life that I found beauty in, such as diversity, human connection and potential better of mankind through endless possibility and perspective.  Through this perspective, my mistrust and instability of the world around me brought about an advantageous empowerment of great empathy and an acute sensitivity of non-verbal communication to connect and sense the feelings of others.

Addiction followed throughout most of my life, including my own struggles with methamphetamines and pharmaceuticals. It was a drug induced psychosis that changed my life.  This is articulated in the complex abstraction of color, texture and lines of emotion throughout many of my pieces.

In the depress of my troubles, I studied at local community colleges, delving deeper into the subjects of psychology, biology and physical sciences.  I also studied the behavioral patterns of humanity from observing our situational and collective conditioning. This further led me into my focus on the seemingly infinite combination of outside experience; including self-will and how it’s responsible for every conscious action that each individual chooses in different situations. The same conditioning responsible for every subconscious decision that undoubtedly shapes our living experience. Even with this “free will” there are undeniable experiences that I was a part of that required the free will of many individuals, without their awareness, partaking in a bigger picture. The probability of the events occurring was enough to transform my scientific thinking to incorporate miracles and the ideas of greater consciousness, this was the awakening, the first time I could ever grasp, “spirituality”.

Welcome to Drug Psychosis: Reality

What is ‘Reality’?  Our perception of reality is objective to the sense of the observer.  Each of us perceive reality in such a way, based on conditioning of experience and biology. When my mind began to open, I started to perceive from the sense that is extraordinary, that goes beyond normal feeling. The shift of perspective, that Reality’s cause and effect is not merely physical, but has an intention that defies what we know ourselves, even when we know. The coexistence of every perspective, of all things being true. The existence of something outside myself that is for myself as myself. Through this process the Great Awakening drove me into a spiritual journey of evolution and selflove. Which is expressed in the meaning of all exhibited pieces.

C: Is there a driving force regarding the colors or textures you chose?         

 T: Vibrant simplicity and how they complement or oppose each other.  Heavy forms of texture extract parts of life experience and bring about the life or movement in the art piece.

Every experience brings the desire and action of creating textures. Freeing the self. Although texture is contained in a certain space (canvas) and we cannot say why the expression of texture manifested as it did yet, the expression is derived from my entirety through nothing more than random chance coming together as though it is meant to be.